Metro Motion celebrates Metro Rail silver anniversary in summer show

In celebration of the Metro Rail 25th anniversary, a special edition of Metro Motion — Metro’s quarterly cable television show — looks at rail in Los Angeles. Who rides it and why? When did it begin? Why did it end? And what lies ahead now that L.A. County has committed to creating modern mobility?

Metro Motion is co-produced with Santa Monica City TV and runs on 80 cable stations throughout Los Angeles County.



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  1. I was one of the first employees involved with notifying people on Wilshire Blvd. that Metro Rail was coming, I remember I was putting posters up on the light poles and people behind me will come by and tear them down, People would scream at me that they did NOT wanted the Metro Rail, this was in late 1982 I was working As Needed with the Transportation Department, I was hired in 1983, I got the privilege to Celebrate the 25th Anniversary of what it was then the Southern California Rapid Transit District (RTD) I’m so proud of this Company. Congratulations on your 25th Anniversary of Metro Rail.