Going to the Special Olympics opening ceremony? Better Go Metro

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INAeYXRIFCA]

The World Games 2015 opening ceremony is set to take place at the L.A. Coliseum on Saturday, July 25. Now I don’t know if you’ve been to these types of ceremonies before, but you can take it from me, they are awesome. The celebrities, the performances, and of course the celebration of the athletes — it’s a lot of fun!

You know what’s not fun? Traffic and dealing with parking. Even on Saturdays, traffic can get pretty gnarly. And pretty much all of the parking in the area will be taken up for ceremony production purposes, which means if you’re adamant about driving, you’ll have to (pay and) park far away from the Coliseum.

So why not take the option that will drop you off just a short, breezy walk from the Coliseum’s doorstep? Take the Expo Line to Expo Park/USC Station or Expo/Vermont. From there, it’s just an easy stroll through Expo Park to the Coliseum gates. The Silver Line to 37th St/USC is another option, and if you need more routes and connections, just plug the details into the Trip Planner.

special olympics map

Special Olympics World Games limited edition TAP cards.

Special Olympics World Games limited edition TAP cards.

A one-way ride on Metro is just $1.75, and it includes 2 hours of free transfers. To avoid waiting in line on your return trip, load your TAP card with a $3.50 round-trip fare at the start of your journey. And if you want a souvenir of your trip, get a commemorative World Games TAP card! They are available at TAP vending machines at multiple locations. Just check the stickers on the TVMs to see which machines have the cards in stock!

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