Restrooms in Union Station East Portal will close Friday, June 26 for renovations

restroom union station

The men’s and women’s restrooms located in Union Station’s East Portal will be closed for renovations starting Friday, June 26 for approximately 8 weeks.

Temporary restrooms will be available on Patsaouras Transit Plaza during this time. They will be located on the plaza level just south of the elevators between the parking garage and plaza. There are also restrooms on the west end of Union Station, located near the Famima!! and the shoeshine stand.

Renovation work will include new bathroom fixtures, longer restroom stalls to accommodate those traveling with luggage, improved ventilation, concrete flooring and new wall finishes.

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  1. Give us the choice of paper or those obnoxious hand dryers. The bathroom is too small for two machines to be blowing at once. I would rather just grab a paper towel and get out. I walk out now with wet hands just to get away from the noise.

  2. For such a heavy transit use area the restrooms are small and in deplorable condition. Hopefully they will be better but I’ll keep holding my breath when I walk in.

    • Hi Jose,

      Have not heard any plans at this time, but will update if any are confirmed!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source