Gimme shelters!

City Hall bus shelter with amenitiesL.A. Mayor and Metro Board Chair Eric Garcetti this morning announced the launch of a bus shelter modernization program supported by Metro and LADOT that could eventually add amenities to bus shelters throughout Los Angeles County.

Resources at the Spring Street shelter across from City Hall include electronic signs that reflect both Metro and DASH real-time bus arrival times; an audio unit that vocally announces real-time bus progress; a Wi-Fi hot spot for smart phones and a USB port for charging. The City Hall shelter is the first to contain all elements but other shelters are expected to follow in the next couple of years. Among issues being considered are technical reliability, vandalism potential and usefulness.Real-time bus arrival button and Braille instruction

Already being tested through a pilot study are real-time electronic display signs at nine shelters in downtown L.A., including the corner of Vignes Street and Cesar Chavez Avenue near Union Station, as well as within Union Station. Metro is funding the pilot program with a grant from the Federal Transit Administration and will be expanding enhanced shelter amenities to hundreds of bus shelters throughout L.A. County.

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  1. Another waste of money that could otherwise go to improved bus and rail service. And the pictured bus shelter in Singapore could not be constructed here except in very limited locations.

  2. Is Decaux going to maintain the additions in LA or are they going to be outside the scope of the maintenance contract?

    • It’s a little early to know specifics but maintenance will be a joint effort by the City of L.A., Metro and JC Decaux. The pilot will help determine the best maintenance program for the various locations.