Metro’s Second Tour de Food: Shaved ice and AC for a sunny afternoon

Yes, it was hot outside but at Blockheads Shavery in Pasadena the green tea shaved ice was like eating snow and the effect – following the comforts of Irish fish and chips, Japanese crispy fried chicken and Vietnamese sandwiches stuffed with barbecued pork or beef or pate — was invigorating, as well as awakening. Alas, it was the end of Metro’s second bus Tour de Food, in partnership with Zocalo Public Square and KCRW, from Pasadena on Metro Local 260 to Monterey Park and back. That left 35 diners faced with the challenge of deciding what to eat for dinner (Nothing!) and how to describe what was for some their first ever ride on a Metro bus (Easy!). As with the previous Saturday tour, the June 20 ramble was led by food lover and blogger Javier Cabral, author of #MyLACommute, which appears on and It provided a chance to sample some unfamiliar restaurants, meet new people and enjoy the variety that makes L.A. great … including a welcome AC-cooled 260 bus on a sunny afternoon.

Here’s the full story – including restaurant names and locations – as posted on the Zocalo Public Square site.


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  1. Speaking of the items sold on the Metro Store, there hasn’t been any updates or big push lately here on The Source to promote and sell their items, understandably due to the past negative responses to their shipping charges.

    Perhaps they got the hint that people don’t want to buy stuff with high shipping charges. If so, has there been any move toward selling this on Amazon, opening up a physical store at Union Station, or any plans for a huge inventory reduction clearance sale? Stuff not moving at the warehouse and in storage for months still costs taxpayers money.

  2. Don’t you guys have better things to do with our tax dollars like trying to figure out a way to move and sell the items in the Metro Store than going out on food excursions paid for with our taxes?