Photos: CicLavia draws huge crowd in Pasadena on Sunday

Another CicLAvia sponsored by Metro, another giant crowd — this time on Colorado Boulevard and some adjacent streets in Pasadena. Thanks everyone for coming out!

If you need a full-resolution of any of the above images for your blog, social media, etc., you can download a photo from our Flickr album. Please credit “Metro.”

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  1. Nobody asked me but…concerning CicLAvia and Open Street events:
    Ya’ know – I’m just sayin’ – CicLAvia and Open Streets and those type thangs, wherever they are held, is cool and all of that – but – ya’ know – Open Streets events aint really about walkin’ or walkers. It’s all about the bike riders. Try walkin’ leisurely in the middle of an Open Street event and see if you don’t get half yo’ a** almost runt over by a cyclist. I’m just sayin’. I needs a WalkLAvia!

  2. Wish I could have made it. I had plans, but got called away. That picture of Colorado looking packed is way cool.
    The penny-farthing picture needs ome explanation.

  3. This Ciclavia was really fun! The only thing was it was too short! Hopefully Culver city has a longer route

    • I thought the same thing but I decided to walk it and ended up spending more time at this one then any other ciclavia. CicLaVia is not about point A to point B but what’s in between.