Metro Vlogs: summer movies and where to watch them

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Happy Friday! This installment of Metro Vlogs is all about upcoming summer movies and how you can to Go Metro to watch them. Also, show your TAP card at select Street Food Cinema film screenings to receive a free Hollywood Bowl picnic blanket!

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  1. What Metro is doing:
    Show your TAP card and get a free picnic blanket, while using Communist inspired fonts and red/yellow font colors because Communism is the “hipster” thing these days (disregard most Communist leaning hipsters are also avid buyers of Apple products and are contributing themselves to capitalism and enriching Apple shareholders which is an arch-enemy of Communism).

    What Metro should be doing:
    Show your TAP card to PAY for those film screenings and earn 1% in merchant transaction fees that will contribute to Metro revenues. Metro vloggers start understanding how capitalism works and that money doesn’t grow on trees.