Red and Purple Line resuming normal service following evening maintenance schedule

Update, 9 p.m.: Police have cleared Westlake/MacArthur Park Station, and trains are resuming service between Wilshire/Vermont and 7th Street/Metro Center. Metro Red and Purple Line will follow the planned maintenance schedule until close of service, with trains arriving very 20 minutes and Purple Line ONLY running between Wilshire/Western-Wilshire/Vermont.

Red and Purple Line service was disrupted this evening at approximately 6:10 p.m. due to police activity at Westlake/MacArthur Park Station. Authorities requested Metro de-energize the track at the station in order for police to investigate three suspicious objects left on the tracks by a trespasser. Due to the configuration of the electrified rail in the area, service has been suspended between Wilshire/Vermont and 7th Street/Metro Center while surveillance and removal of the objects takes place.

Customers traveling between Wilshire/Vermont and 7th Street/Metro Center tonight will need to use alternate routes until the incident is clear and train service is restored. Additionally, riders should expect delays on the segments of the Red and Purple Line that remain open, due to the disruption. Metrolink customers please be advised that more time will be required to make connections at Union Station.

The incident is currently under investigation.  Metro will provide updates on this incident both here, at The Source, and via Twitter @metrolosangeles and @metroLAalerts.

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  1. Stunningly incompetent response last night. Not even remotely enough buses, no organization or information at the stations.
    I seriously doubt that the tourists and other first time rail users that were dumped out onto the sidewalks without any clue as to what to do will ever use mass transit in this city again… nor should they.

  2. Information like this should be posted for riders as soon as it occurs, not 3 hours later. This is very poor customer service, you must do better!

    • Hi Heather;

      For more frequent and real-time service alerts, please follow us on Twitter or check the service alerts in the right sidebar of

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. Astonishingly inept response to a major disruption. No special buses, no announcements at Civic Center station AT ALL, no increased service on overburdened line 20, and no one even on a megaphone as passengers spill into 7th and Hope Sts. How could Metro POSSIBLY be so unprepared to get passengers home to the Valley?