CicLAvia Pasadena is extremely dog friendly: here are all the best places to visit

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CicLAvia Pasadena — Presented by Metro is set to take place from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, May 31. The main route travels down Colorado Boulevard — you may know it well as the route of the annual Tournament of Roses Parade — and at 3.5 miles it’s the most walkable CicLAvia to date. One of the best things about CicLAvia events (besides it being car-free) is getting to explore local businesses. And Pasadena happens to be full of really cool places to check out…places that also welcome puppies!

As a dog-owning resident of Pasadena who walks everywhere, I’ve become something of an expert on most of the dog friendly businesses around town. So if you plan on biking the route with your furry friend– or walking it, as I’ll be doing — here are just a few places that I think would be worth your time.

pasadena ciclavia dog treat

I don’t recommend sharing gelato with the dog, even if she’s giving you puppy dog eyes.

Old Pasadena: Most retailers allow dogs inside, but my list focuses, naturally, on food.

Playhouse District: museums, theaters and dining.

  • ciclavia pasadena vromans

    So many books!

    Vroman’s Bookstore: support local booksellers! Plus you can browse for books with your pup.

  • Tender Greens: they have a really nice little patio where you can take a break.
  • Urth Caffé: the patio tends to get really crowded, but they just opened up a new to-go area!
  • El Portal: dog friendly patio and really good Yucatán food.

Lake Avenue: most dining establishments on Lake have a patio, and here are the places I like.

  • Rounds Burgers: customize your own burger. Also, garlic fries. And they have a patio out back. If you don’t have a dog, there’s the semi-well known Pie-‘n Burger on California Avenue just east of Lake.
  • Lemonade: it’s not different from any of the other locations around L.A. but The Commons is a nice place to dine outdoors.
  • Veggie Grill: no meat at this place, but you won’t even notice. Try the Santa Fe Chickin sandwich.
  • Corner Bakery Cafe: it’s next to Pieology and a new juice place. Food is fine, but the outdoor dining area features comfy patio sofas that are a nice place to rest.
  • Float: specializes in all kinds of ice cream floats, from root beer to espresso.
  • Pet Food Express: you probably won’t find anything you can eat, but they offer treats for dogs!
  • Tpumps: this one is a little past the route, but swing by anyway for customized tea.

Pasadena City College Area: I’ll admit, I’m less familiar with this area. There are lots of good places to grab some food along Colorado, but I’m not sure if they’re all dog friendly. Except for…

  • Melt It: grilled cheese. Really, really good grilled cheese.
  • Dog Haus: there’s also a location in Old Pasadena which has a bigger patio, but this one tends to be less busy, which means more space for you to sit.
  • Book Alley: again — support local book sellers! They also sell used books, and you’re bound to find something you want for cheap.
"Do it. Bring your dog to CicLAvia. You know you wanna."

“Do it. Bring your dog to CicLAvia. You know you wanna.”

And these are just along the route! There are plenty of other places you should explore in the surrounding area, up through Altadena and down to South Pasadena. The weather is expected to be pretty warm on May 31, so if you plan on bringing your dog along for the day, make sure to bring some water for all. Or, find a shop that has a watering station! Many businesses place water bowls out for the four-legged.

Of course, if you have a pup that can’t quite walk the distance, you can always bring them along in a bike basket or bike trailer. Though a few reminders: bike trailers are not allowed on board Metro, and pets are only allowed on board buses and trains if they are in secured carriers.

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  1. Hi Steve,
    With CicLAvia so dog friendly in Pasadena, it’d be nice if the pooch could ride along on Metro. Otherwise you have to drive with the pooch to a car free event. Just food for thought.
    -Brian M