Go Metro to Superior, new indie film about biking (and a lot more)

I thought some of our bikehead readers would be interested in ‘Superior,’ which is screening at the Red Line-adjacent Chinese Theatre in Hollywood on June 5 as part of the Dances With Films festival. The film is about two friends who in the summer of 1969 — on the cusp of some big changes in their lives — endeavor to bike around Lake Superior. Tickets here and lots more about Superior on the film’s Facebook page.

I’m friends with the writer and director, Edd Benda (I’ve been waiting 20 years to write ‘I’m friends with the director,’ btw), and I saw the movie a few months ago. It’s very good and the film takes you to a remote part of the country, Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, that most Americans never see. This is Edd’s first feature and the fact that it was accepted by Dances With Films is a big compliment.

Bike-oriented movies tend to be few and far between. Readers of a Certain Age may enjoy this trailer from 1979 for Breaking Away, another great bike movie set in the Midwest. Go Cutters!