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  1. It bothers me that Florence station got a new canopy but Firestone station didn’t and then y’all painted only the bottom of the Firestone station canopy and didn’t paint the top and then y’all painted over rust and rusted holes on the bars poles that hold up the elevator at the top of the elevator platform at Firestone station and the metro sign downstairs at Firestone station needs to be refurbished and the Firestone station need to be powered washed upstairs and downstairs and needs security so people can stop sleeping in or having sex in the Firestone elevator and since y’all dont want to put some stairs or a elevator on the north end of the platform so riders can catch the westbound 115 Firestone metro bus safely instead running out on red lights out in front of traffic just to catch the westbound 115 Firestone metro bus but believe ne when someone gets hit and seriously hurt or killed i will be the first one to tell metro i told you to come put some stairs or a elevator and Firestone didn’t even get any new art or any new decal and y’all dont even want to bring more buses or double buses to relief the everyday overcrowding on the 115 buses east and west bound buses both and we need a metro bus to run along alameda street from long beach or further southbound to downtown los Angeles or further north bound

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