Video: one cyclist’s ride from Highland Park to work


The above video was shot a few days ago by Metro Bike staffer Jack Moreau of his ride from Highland Park to work. We edited it to keep it short but you get a pretty good glimpse at many parts of Jack’s commute by bike.

I really like it. I think in many ways this is an unvarnished look at what biking is like on many roads in our region and helps explain why there are some very passionate debates about cycling and the need for more bike infrastructure. There aren’t any bike lanes along Jack’s route and this is the kind of traffic conditions many cyclists face for some — or all — of their commute.

As for the issue of bike lanes….it’s up to local cities or Los Angeles County (in unincorporated areas) to build the bike lanes. Metro can certainly help pay for them through a variety of programs, including local return money from Measure R, the half-cent sales tax approved by county voters in 2008.

Of course, there are many miles of bike lanes in Los Angeles County. Here’s the latest Metro bike map showing them. Also, many cyclists can use transit to span some of their routes — and cyclists ride for free on Metro on Thursday, Bike to Work Day.


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  1. @dickmason: uh….exercise? Time savings? Self-sufficiency? Enjoys bicycling?

    • The sped up video and wide angle view of the lens make this ride seem a lot more harrowing than it is. This route is actually pretty calm and reasonable. There’s a lot of places that would benefit from either road diets or lane narrowing and the addition of a bike lane. But it’s really not that bad.

  2. Good candidate for a road diet. Those wide streets and intersetcions encourage high speeds and squeeze out bikes and pederstrians.

  3. Jack, buddy — on the Broadway Bridge … TAKE THE LANE! That’s a scary place to be wedged up against the concrete!