Metro Vlogs: Bike Week LA and how you can win a bike!


Happy Friday! This installment of Metro Vlogs is all about Bike Week LA, taking place next week! The video also answers a very important viewer question.

By the way, if you would like to win a customized REI bicycle, just tweet a photo of you and your bike (or you attending one of Metro’s many Bike Week LA events) with the hashtag #BikeWeekLA anytime next week, and you’ll be entered in the drawing!

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  1. Motorcycles and scooters are one step above bicycles. People who ride motorcycles usually started off as bicycle riders. It’s difficult to ride a motorcycle without knowing how to ride a bicycle first because both are two wheel vehicles that requires balance and forward motion to ride.

    Being said that, motorcyclists are very likely to be bicycle riders themselves so the generic “bike” term would be understandable that it may be confusing to them.

  2. talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill… here there isn’t even an ant hill. Get over yourself. Everybody uses “bike” as short for bicycle. I am an avid cyclist and know a great many others, not one of whom is confused as to what Metro means by Bike Week. But thanks for the pretty pictures showing other forms of transportation.

  3. “This is what you get when you live in state that re-defines the definition of a bicycle and that a certain bicycle can also become a moped. Arg.”

    Considering that this is the State of California, I’m not surprised at all that the whole bureaucracy is such a mess that they don’t know what a bicycle is and that one needs a license just to ride one because it has a dinky little motor that barely reaches 30 mph.

  4. So by correct context:

    “Bike Week LA” should definitely be “Bicycle Week LA” because the common definition of “bikes” can include a bicycle or any two wheel vehicle with a motor,

    But further definition needs to be applied that “bicycle” should mean one that is only capable of human propulsion without outside assistance such as gas or electric powered motors because the CADMV defines that a two wheeled vehicle even with pedals but with a motor falls under the classification of a “moped” which requires a M1/M2 license.

    This is what you get when you live in state that re-defines the definition of a bicycle and that a certain bicycle can also become a moped. Arg.

  5. And what you think to be a moped/scooter is totally different based on CADMV definitions as they are classified as what they call “motor-driven cycles” while a scooter isn’t a scooter either. Your California DMV bureaucracy at work, making things confusing for everyone.

    So what is a “bike?” What is “bike week?” It can be anything if going by the common definition, and even if one were to say it’s restricted to something that has a pedal and/or can be pedaled, CADMV says it’s a moped!

  6. “For those who don’t understand: it’s for bikes, as in the kind you pedal.”

    Still broad definition by CA standards. Here’s why:

    So if you state that it can be pedaled, then gas powered bicycles and electric bicycles shown above would be acceptable as they have pedals.

    However, the CADMV defintion makes it more confusing as it defines these as a “mopeds” which require a M1/M2 license. Yes by CADMV defintion, a gas/electric powered bicycle is a moped!

    CADMV defintion:
    A “motorized bicycle” or “moped” is:

    A two or three-wheeled device, capable of no more than 30 mph on level ground, and equipped with:

    – Fully operative pedals for human propulsion. (DISTINCTION: even it has a pedal and can be propelled by human propulsion, it’s classified as a moped under State of California!)
    – A motor producing less than two gross brake horsepower and an automatic transmission.
    – An electric motor, with or without pedals for human propulsion. (CVC §406(a))

    If you have someone to blame, blame our insanely confusing CADMV definitions because they don’t think bicycles are bicycles and what you think to be bicycles could actually be a moped!

  7. Let’s take a minute tere. The word “bike” in “Bike Week LA” really means “bicycle.” But can you guys start using the term “Bicycle Week LA” instead of the generic “bike” instead of the automatic assumption that “bike” means “bicycles.”

    By using “Bike Week LA” by sheer definition of the word “bike’ it means this:
    1. A bicycle.
    2. A motorcycle.
    3. A motorbike.

    When you use “Bike Week LA” you’re essentially saying any number of these modes of transportation by definition of the word “bike”:

    All of the above are “bikes.” Only one of them is a “bicycle.”

    There are motorcycle and scooter riders in LA too you know and often times it’s confusing that when others say “do you ride a ‘bike’ ” and the assumption can differ between a bicycle or a motorcycle/scooter.

    • With all due respect, I have yet to hear from anyone confused by this.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • Well now you have and it is confusing.

        What constitutes a “bike” acceptable for “bike” week? Since the word “bike” can refer to a bicycle or a motorcycle, would that mean a Tweet by a person riding on a Vespa scooter or a Kawasaki motorcycle can win a customized REI bicycle?

        It gets even more confusing when you consider these as “bikes” too:

        Gas powered bicycle

        Electric bicycle

        Electric motorcycle

        How do you define a “bike” that’s acceptable? Is a “gas powered bicycle” an acceptable “bike” for Bike Week? If so, what is the difference between that an a scooter or motorcycle? No fossil fuels? Then what about electric bikes? Electric motorcycles?

        Can you define what a “biker” is? Which one of these fits your definition of “bikers?” Please elaborate because they are all “bikers”

        1. a person who rides a bicycle, motorcycle, or motorbike, especially in competition or as a hobby.
        2. Informal. a member of a motorcycle gang.

        So what is “bike week” Is it solely for just bicycles? I mean the ad itself “Don’t be traffic, Ride a Bike” can refer to motorcycles and scooters too. They don’t cause congestion, in fact they are more agile and get through traffic faster because of lane splitting. Are motorized ones okay too? If former, then shouldn’t it be “Bicycle Week” as the proper definition?

        • For those who don’t understand: it’s for bikes, as in the kind you pedal.

          Steve Hymon
          Editor, The Source

    • The contest actually runs all Bike Week, May 10 – 16. So there’s still a chance!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

      • Is Twitter the only means of entering? Seems unfair to force me to open a Twitter account that I will never use otherwise.

        • Hi Bruce,

          Yes, we must be able to see the photo via Twitter in order to count your entry. If you’d like to enter a raffle in person, consider attending Bike Night at Union Station tomorrow! We’ll be raffling off a different bicycle, and your entrance guarantees you a raffle ticket.

          Anna Chen
          Writer, The Source

  8. The Amgen Tour of California took place next Sunday Stage 8 LA Live (Downtown LA) to Pasadena Rose Bowl. Detours are posted.