Green Line resuming normal service

Final Update, 6:40 p.m.:  Repairs to the overhead power supply system near Aviation/LAX are complete, and the Metro Green Line is resuming normal service at this time.

The Metro Green Line is currently running with major delays due to damage to the overhead wires and power supply system between Aviation/LAX and Mariposa that began around noon today.

Crews are on scene performing emergency repairs to overhead wires in the incident area. Green Line trains are serving all stations, but will be sharing the Norwalk-bound track at Aviation/LAX and Mariposa Stations while work occurs.

At this time, repairs are predicted to last through most of afternoon rush hour, meaning Green Line customers should allow extra time to complete their trips this evening. Line 460 is also available as an alternate route for those commuting between Downtown L.A. and Norwalk.

On behalf of Metro, thank you to all Green Line customers for your understanding as we work to restore normal service as soon as possible. As delays often mean more crowded trains, please be courteous by stepping aside for exiting customers and using all available space towards the center of the train when boarding.

We will continue to provide updates here at The Source, and via Twitter @metrolosangeles and @metrolaalerts, so please check back soon.

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  1. Advice to any posters who will likely post complaints about “Metro doesn’t tell us anything” remarks.

    1. Ask around if any other passengers are going to the same destination as you are
    2. Hail Uber and Lyft
    3. Split the cost

    What Metro really needs is an automated tap-out system so that someone who tapped in and has had $1.75 deducted while waiting for the train that’s not coming any time soon can get an immediate refund once they go back out the same station. Saves time and money instead of wasting your time calling customer service with long wait times that is only open on specific hours of the weekday just to get back $1.75.

    Why isn’t this possible in this day and age is beyond my comprehension.