The future of urban planning: students from East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy visit Metro

The East Los Angeles Renaissance Academy (ELARA) is one of the three high schools in the United States with an urban planning/design focus and a select group of students from ELARA visited Metro today to gain knowledge about active transportation, safe routes to school and career opportunities in transportation planning. The students also gave presentations on their projects that focused on their personal experiences navigating Los Angeles.

I’m always really happy to hear about kids who are into urban planning. After all, the city being built now is the city that they’re probably going to live in for the next few decades — so it makes sense they’d want to know about the process of how it’s being changed and have some say in what’s going on. Hopefully they were able to take away some useful information from Metro — and vice versa! And who knows? In a few years, maybe these high schoolers will be the ones calling the shots in shaping Los Angeles.

Huge thanks go to CREO Worldwide and Exploring the Arts for their support in making this event possible.