Gold Line resumes normal service

Repairs to the damaged overhead wires in South Pasadena have been completed, and the Metro Gold Line will resume regularly scheduled service with start of service on Saturday. The cause of the incident is under investigation. We would like to thank everyone for their patience while our crews were at work, and have a good weekend!

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  1. Must have been some serious damage or serious lack of competence in this case. I don’t think it has ever taken this long to fix downed catenary wires.

  2. The words “faith” or “trust” has never gone together with “Metro.” After all, it’s a government run agency, you’re not expected to put trust in government to begin with.

  3. The cause is under investigation? You’re telling me that out of all the engineers Metro employs, NONE of them can explain what happened almost a week after the fact? That’s a lie and The Source and Metro staff know it. SOMEONE at Metro knows what happened, and yet we are given the standard “cause is under investigation” lie so as to quiet everyone down in hopes the issue will just go away forever. If you don’t release the cause (and future SOLUTIONS) to the problem soon, all faith in Metro will be lost. This is a RECURRING problem and Metro obviously knows about it. But as for the public? All we get to ever know is “the cause is under investigation”. You’ve inspired so much faith in your system, Metro, way to go!

  4. The cause of the damage is currently under investigation? In my mind that statement means 1 of 2 things. Either:

    A.) The cause is so unacceptable that public relations policy dictates a stance of: “we’ll play dumb until things die down and this incident ceases to be a headline story, then release a subtle statement rich in rhetoric about dedication to providing exceptional quality and safety while dismissing any fault to the notion that unforeseen circumstances are inevitable and fact of life.”

    or, B.) The cause is truly unknown and this incident is a terrifying indictment of the fragility of the entire light rail system, county-wide.

    Neither of those two possibilities sounds very reassuring to me as a daily rider that is not only a frequent customer, but a person dependent on public transit. As a 33yo who has never had a driver’s license, but has had a pilot’s license, I can’t reasonably contend with my peers who insist on driving anywhere and everywhere they go, polluting the environment and congesting the streets. Sure, unforeseen complications exist in the realm of driving as well, but there is a lot to be said for being in control of your own ability to respond to circumstances as they present. As someone who relies on metro and is faced with the above realities, I’m stripped of yet another layer of confidence in the system and disappointed by the failure or unwillingness to be transparent, forthright and accountable for what took place this week.

    • “As a 33yo who has never had a driver’s license, but has had a pilot’s license, I can’t reasonably contend with my peers who insist on driving anywhere and everywhere they go, polluting the environment and congesting the streets.”

      Hypocritical much? You do not want to pollute the environment, yet can fly a plane. What do planes run on, Mr. Fusion? Last time I checked, planes run on fossil fuels that pollute the environment as well.

      Congested streets is true though. It doesn’t matter whether one drives a Ferrari or a Fiat 500 here in LA, everyone is going at the same slow speed anyway due to horrendous traffic. It’s actually faster to ride on a bicycle here:

      Of course, if a bicycle can outwin a sports car, the same can be said that one is better off in a moped or a motorcycle as it has the agility to do lane-splitting through traffic in LA as well. Considering that you’re ok with polluting the environment a little because you can fly a plane, your deciding factor is “I don’t want to pollute the environment while sitting in congested traffic.” Being said that, you can learn to ride a motorcycle as your method of transportation if you’ve lost faith in taking Metro.

      • I actually haven’t flown in a decade, my reason for making that aside was to dismiss any impression that my reason for never having a driver’s license was somehow attributable to a lack of competence or ambition, not to infer the green nature of flight. But I erred in failing to make that clear.