Take a $7 tour of L.A. film history on the Sunset Boulevard bus

In the newest edition of Metro Motion, ride the Sunset bus from downtown L.A. to PCH and travel through filmmaking history. From the famous stairway up which Laurel and Hardy pushed a  piano (and won an Academy Award!) to the garage where Walt Disney first penned Mickey Mouse, the Metro Local #2 bus offers a tour of L.A. for a mere $7 day pass.

In another piece we explore why the car as L.A. icon is going the way of bell bottom pants. The reason: Young people and older, who don’t care to drive or no longer can. Seleta Reynolds, LADOT’s new general manager, tells the story and introduces us to L.A.’s grand new Great Streets program.

Have a hankering for dosas, samosas or saffron ice cream? The Metro Green Line can carry you to Little India in Artesia for lunch … no passport required.

Metro Motion is co-produced with Santa Monica City TV and runs quarterly on cable stations throughout L.A. County.

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