PowerPoint: Metro staff proposal to rename rail and BRT lines

Attentive readers here already know that the Regional Connector project is under construction. The 1.9-mile underground light rail line in downtown Los Angeles will link the Blue Line, Expo Line and Gold Line, meaning fewer transfers and quicker trips for those traveling to and through DTLA.

Once the Connector is complete (forecast for 2020), Metro plans  at this time — although plans could potentially change — to run one set of light rail trains from downtown Santa Monica to East Los Angeles with another set of trains running between Azusa and downtown Long Beach. At that point, the current names of the rail lines won’t be very helpful to riders since there will no longer be a distinction between the Blue, Expo and Gold Lines.

Thus, the Metro staff proposal posted above to switch the current names to letters for all the rail lines and bus rapid transit lines. The thinking is that letters are simple for everyone to understand. Letters are also consistent, unlike the current situation in which some lines are named after colors (Blue, Gold, Red/Purple, etc.) while others are tied to geography (Expo Line, Crenshaw/LAX Line).

Metro staff will be giving presentations in April and May to stakeholders, the Metro Service Councils and the agency’s Board of Directors. If so, Metro staff proposes to get started sooner with the renaming rather than later so that riders, current and future, get used to the names as new rail lines open. Both the second phase of the Expo Line and the Gold Line Foothill Extension projects are expected to open next spring.

I think it’s pretty neat that the issue is before us — renaming is a sign that the system is expanding. What do you think of the proposal, readers?