Metro Board of Directors meeting is underway

The Metro Board meeting is underway at Metro Headquarters, adjacent to Los Angeles Union Station (it’s the tower next to the Patsaouras Transit Plaza). The agenda for the meeting is above.

The agenda includes links to Board motions and Metro staff reports. I encourage everyone to peruse through them — there’s usually a lot of interesting nuggets about various Metro programs, projects and bus and train service.

You can listen to the meeting online by clicking here — a link will appear after it begins. No internet? No problem! Listen by phoning 213-922-6045.

As per usual, I’ll post about the meeting on The Source and I’ll live tweet any meeting highlights.

The 13-member Metro Board is comprised of elected officials and appointees from throughout Los Angeles County. The Board has the final say on many of the large decisions at Metro as a way to provide accountability to the taxpaying and voting public. More about the Board here, including contact information.