Transit etiquette video: reserved seats

I saw something earlier today on the Gold Line that got me thinking of the above video, which is one of a series produced by our marketing team to promote better transit etiquette. Bottom line: please don’t hog the seats marked as reserved for seniors and the disabled.

As I have written before, some folks just don’t know better — and the videos gently and humorously help get educated. There is also a new ‘rider etiquette’ page on that features the videos, which we’ll also be featuring on The Source and our social media. If you want to share on your social media streams, please tag them #metroref hashtag.

Earlier today on the Gold Line it was hard to ignore this:

IMG_0696 (1)


To the rider’s credit, the leg was voluntarily (although somewhat belatedly) withdrawn from the two extra seats when some other riders boarded at the next stop. But still. As much as we’d love to have our own personal recliners on the bus or train, it’s probably not going to happen soon.