Metro debuts new transit etiquette videos

As anyone knows who follows Metro’s Twitter account, we occasionally get an earful about the issue of rider etiquette.

To put it lightly, riders would appreciate some courtesy from other riders when it comes to things like standing to the right on the escalator, keeping our buses and trains clean, riding with large luggage and carts and proper bus and train boarding and exiting etiquette — to name just a few.

With that in mind, our marketing team has produced a series of videos to help promote better transit behavior. including the one posted above. Some folks just don’t know better and the videos gently and humorously help straighten them out. 🙂

There is also a new ‘rider etiquette’ page on that features the videos, which we’ll also be featuring on The Source and our social media.


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  1. I want to know how often those vending machines are serviced and how refunds are handled when those machines
    does not give either change, nor your money when you cancel the transaction. I lost $20.00 in the machine at Atlantic station,
    when I put it in, and then had to tap the card, only it wouldn’t go to the next step…all it keep flashing was to tap the card. I pressed cancel but the money NEVER came back out of the machine. When I notified METRO that same morning and after a couple of months, they refused to refund the money.

    • Hi Yvonne;

      Did you contact TAP customer service about the problem with the ticket machine? Here is the contact info:

      Phone: 1.866.TAPTOGO
      Monday ~ Friday – 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
      Saturday/Sunday – Closed
      Mail P.O. Box 811310
      Los Angeles, CA 90081

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. I would like to see some kind of system, where consistency is used to announce when the doors are closing and the train is
    ready to leave. Not all conductors notify the public the same way. Either put it on the speaker, or have an a green light on the back that comes on when ready to depart.

  3. The reason why bicyclists, especially women, use the escalator is because the elevators are usually full of urine or suspicious individuals are hanging out near them. This is especially true on the red line at Santa Monica and Vermont. One guy tried to grab my behind. Even the elevator at union station near the red line entrance is frequently full of urine. Make the elevators cleaner and safer and more people will be inclined to use them.

  4. Hmm. Maybe we could license a still of the ever-popular “punk on bus” scene from Star Trek IV.

    As to the homeless, well, with very few exceptions, nobody CHOOSES to be homeless (and those who do can presumably find better places to sleep than on a moving train.)

  5. How about GIANT signs on the blue line that tell people to NOT PLAY MUSIC OUT LOUD. Please can you enforce this rule more?

  6. The video shows the young man and lady sitting in seats reserved for seniors and disabled people. That is one thing that really bothers me the most. And for the people complaining about the escalators which not all Metro stations have there are steps. If you are in a hurray, you can use the steps and you will not have the problems you encounter on escalators.

  7. It’s sad that common sense and common courtesy aren’t, well, common. Then money needed for these videos could be used for other Metro priorities.

  8. How about signs at the start of escalators instructing people to stand to the right and walk on the left?

  9. Great start.

    Will there be future episodes dealing with other etiquette issues such as:
    – Passengers occupying two seats (one seat with their bag).
    – Priority seating (or giving up one’s seat) for elderly or disabled.
    – Loud volume on electronic devices (extreme volume can be heard even with headphones on).

    Hopefully, these videos will be played on the buses and metro stations?

  10. Standing to the right on escalators ( Like the Rest of the World )

  11. How about doing something about the large numbers of homeless using the Red Line for sleeping. They take up multiple seats with their bags causing people to have to stand.

    • Hi Tornadoes28;

      Thanks for bringing this up. It would be very helpful if you would file a complaint with Customer Relations with as much specific info as possible — location of issue (i.e. particular part of the Red Line), time of day, etc. Complaint form:

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

    • That’s impossible now that the Turnstiles are installed. No chance for crime of any sort either!