This week: Pasadena Gold Line every 30 min after 9:30 p.m. due to maintenance

Heads up to our evening commuters who ride the Metro Gold Line: this week, starting Sunday, March 1 through Thursday March 5, the Gold Line will run every 30 minutes between Union Station and Pasadena to accommodate essential track maintenance. Trains will arrive every 10 minutes between Union Station and East L.A.

In addition, trains in both directions will use one track between Southwest Museum and Chinatown Station. This shared track will alternate night-by-night, and we will continue to update accordingly here at The Source. Tonight, Tuesday, Mar. 3, all trains will arrive on the downtown L.A.-bound track between Southwest Museum and Chinatown–particularly important to remember at split-platform stations like Heritage Square and Lincoln/Cypress.

Departure times for Pasadena Gold Line trains are as follows:

Pasadena-bound trains depart Atlantic Station at approximately: 8:37 p.m., 9:15, 9:37, 10:07, 10:37, 11:07, 11:37 and 12:07am.

Pasadena-bound trains depart Union Station at approximately: 9:01 p.m., 9:39, 10:03, 10:31, 11:01, 11:31, 12:01am, and 12:31.

East L.A.-bound trains depart Sierra Madre Villa at approximately: 9:23 p.m., 9:33, 9:59, 10:29, 10:59, 11:29, and 11:59.

Please note that the times above may be subject to work-related delays. Please follow or tweet us at @metrolosangeles for the most up-to-date information.

If you’re wondering what kind of track maintenance could require such long waits between trains, work this week is occurring directly on a Gold Line switch point, or crossover. This means trains traveling in both directions must take turns sharing a significantly larger segment of track than they would during routine maintenance, where work is performed between two adjacent crossovers.

To all our customers whose Gold Line commutes will be a little trickier over the coming evenings, we’d like to say thank you very much for your understanding. Though inconvenient, this week’s track work is important to the continued reliability, and above all, safety, of the Metro Gold Line.