Pics: the week in rider profiles by Zocalo Public Square

First things first: if you encounter Fawzi Yousef on the bus, he says it’s okay to ask him about the hair. Fawzi is from France and has been in L.A. for three years, studying English. Welcome to L.A., Fawzi!

Daysi Flores met one of her best friends on the bus. Tabitha Joy Flores takes a bus and train to reach her job at Pavilions. Vive Le could drive but takes the bus to better learn L.A., daydream, do homework and read on her phone.

These little nuggets are part of Zocalo Public Square’s ongoing series of profiles of Metro riders. The photos above are riders profiled in the past week. Check them out at You can also follow the series on Twitter using the #myLAcommute.