For more info today about Metrolink service to Ventura County

Due to the Metrolink derailment this morning in Oxnard, there will be service impacts to Metrolink’s Ventura County service throughout the day. The best way to get up-to-date information on Metrolink service is to follow them on Twitter.

Metrolink runs commuter rail service in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties. Many Metro customers connect to Metrolink service at Union Station. Click here to visit Metrolink’s website.

Metro also posts frequent service updates on its Twitter feed for Metro bus, light rail and subway service in Los Angeles County.


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  1. Has anyone at Metrolink or Caltrans considered re-doing the roads that intersect with rail at-grade crossings by converting them into underpasses? If it’s too expensive to re-do the rails, the the next best thing is to convert the roads to underpasses so they don’t intersect with the rail tracks.

    Check out Village of Downers Grove, IL where they re-did their road into an underpass to avoid deadly collisions with heavy trains.

  2. I think this just says that building rail at grade is not the right answer here in LA today. You can’t fix car drivers with stupid habits and with 10 million people living in LA County in automobile land, it’s just a dumb idea to build things that intersect with surface streets like in the past.

  3. I was reading comments regarding the Metrolink incident this morning on other media sites and all I can say is that they were scary. It is amazing how many people need to retake drivers’ ed and realize that cars, trucks and buses must NEVER go around the crossing arms at a railroad crossing or try to beat the train. People seem to think that trains somehow are at fault for all the railroad accidents.

  4. Metrolink sure has awful luck, but what can you expect with so many grade crossings and so many clueless drivers? The front end “safety” cab-car apparently did its job, but I still think a locomotive at both ends is wiser. Why is the front “safety” car end painted matt black? It may look “sexy” but scare-stripes in bright colors would be more visible. Just one more reason to support grade-separated high speed trains. Thankfully no one was killed.