This Friday night and Saturday: Bus shuttles replace Blue Line between Artesia-Wardlow due to upgrade work

Upgrade work on the Metro Blue Line has moved from Wardlow to Del Amo Station. Improvements planned for Del Amo are similar to those completed over the past two months at the Long Beach stations, including new canopies, paint, tile and audio/visual enhancements. Work will continue on the Blue Line next weekend, and we will update next Thursday with the required changes to the regular schedule.

As for this weekend, Friday after 9 p.m. through Saturday close of service, bus shuttles will replace trains between Artesia and Wardlow Station, matching the service levels of Blue Line rail. This means southbound Blue Line trains will return north to 7th Street/Metro Center at Artesia, and trains originating in Downtown Long Beach Station will travel only as far north as Wardlow. Customers wishing to travel between Artesia and Wardlow Station will need to board Metro bus shuttles (marked as “Blue Line Shuttle”) in order to do so.

Additionally, this Friday (Feb. 20) after 9pm, Blue Line trains will run every 20 minutes between 7th Street/Metro Center and Artesia Station, sharing 1 track between Washington and Florence Station. Trains traveling between Wardlow and Downtown Long Beach will arrive every 15 minutes.

This Saturday (Feb. 21), Blue Line trains will run every 15 minutes the entire service day. Expo Line riders please note the Expo Line will also run every 15 minutes throughout the day, to maintain even service into 7th Street/Metro Center.

Finally, on Sunday, Feb. 22, the Blue Line will arrive at 20 minute intervals sharing 1 track at Compton and Artesia before 1 p.m., and 1 track at Del Amo after 1 p.m. Trains will serve every Blue Line station and there will be no bus shuttles.

So what’s with all the weekend service changes on the Blue Line in recent months? Adjustments to the Blue Line schedule are required to facilitate the Blue Line Upgrades project, a $1.2-billion overhaul including station improvements, track replacement/refurbishment, and even, eventually, new rail cars. Some of the upgrades have already been completed at Wardlow, Willow Street, Anaheim Street, PCH, Artesia and in the Long Beach Loop, and will continue to move north along the Blue Line throughout 2015.

As construction can be a dynamic process, please check back here at The Source, or follow us @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts for the latest Blue Line service updates. Finally, a big thank you to all affected customers for their patience as we undertake this essential improvement work for better Blue Line service.

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  1. 2 weeks ago I took the blue line shuttle and it was ridiculous. The shuttle driver had no idea where he was going and he was following the bus in front of him, from Del Amo station we went to SAN PEDRO! A convoy of 3 blue line shuttles got lost and had to pull over for directions. Took 30 minutes to get from Del Amo to PCH and we skipped everything inbetween. On the way back the next day the transfers and shuttles took so long that we weren’t even in the 2 hour transfer window when we got to the Red Line. Step your game up Metro this is embarrassing.

  2. Question about the 2 hour transfer and this construction project. If I were to travel from Downtown Long Beach to Downtown LA, I would tap in at Long Beach, get off the train to take the bus shuttle, then do I tap again after the bus shuttle? Would it charge me a new fare because I am repeating the blue line?

    • Hi John;

      No need to TAP again when re-boarding the train after the bus shuttle.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. The additional shade and rain protection is certainly nice, but what is really needed is a screen advising the time of arrival of the next train as there are on the Red / Purple lines. There are brackets for large screens at Wardlow and other revamped stations but they have been there for a while, but no screens that advise the arrival of the next train.

    • Hi Interurbans;

      Let me check and see what’s going on with those brackets. Thx for heads up on that,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source