Podcast: can you meet a sweetie on transit?

It’s a fact of life people are going to notice other people when riding the bus or train. By which I really mean: it’s inevitable that some riders are going to notice that other riders are Not Unattractive.

But then…what next? When it comes to the public space that is public transit, what are the dos and donts of meeting someone? 

To help answer these questions, we recruited four regular Metro riders shown below — from left, Erick, Maria, Alan and Stephanie. As it turns out, they have a lot to say about Metro, etiquette and romance.

It’s a relevant topic with Metro hosting its second annual speed dating/mingling event on the Red Line on Friday from 11 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.; registration is at these four stations: Union Station, 7th Street/Metro, Hollywood/Vine and North Hollywood. Once you sign in, you’ll get a wrist band and Metro pin, and then you’ll be able to board any Speed Dating train car during event hours.

Enjoy the podcast and click here for more details on the speed dating event.


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  1. Of course I think it’s possible to meet a sweetie on transit! It happened to me! I used the dating website https://kovla.com and got acquainted with a nice man, but we were afraid to meet, we just chatted and thar’s all. And once I was going home by metro, and you know what? I met him there!!! It was such a surprise! We understood that it was our destiny! And now we are happy together! Miracles do happen!:)

  2. Has anyone contacted last year’s participants to see if there were successful pairings then? It would be great publicity if there was.

    • Hey,

      Participants were not required to provide contact info, so we weren’t able to contact them. But after this year, we do plan to reach out afterwards and follow up on success stories! (Or non-success stories, because it’s either gonna last forever or down in flames, amirite?)

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

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    Asian Woman Driver is not quite your average Asian princess; she loves riding mass transit when it’s an option. With Valentine’s Day coming up, here is an interesting event taking place on the Los Angeles Metro Rail this Friday.

    • Because it’s horrible to be an environmentally-conscious person who has better things to do than sit in traffic?