Metro to attend upcoming military hiring fair

Metro will be participating in the following military hiring fair. If you are a veteran, active duty military member, guard/reserve member or military spouse, drop by our table and say hi! Please check the linked site for more details and registration info.


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  1. Does the MTA give hiring preference credits for the candidates applying. Such as, other states agencies, county agencies, and city positions.

    • Hi Eric,

      Yes, please visit for more information about the various hiring programs.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. I hire veterans for transit related jobs. Currently I have a Navy and an Air Force veteran employed by my firm on a project for Washington Area Metropolitan Transit Authority (WMATA). Our client has given these veterans excellent performance reviews. Looking for more with technical and procurement type experience.

  3. If anyone should get priority jobs at Metro, it’s definitely the veterans. We need to welcome them home with open arms and support them in civilian life than shoving them away into homelessness. After all they’ve done for this country, they deserve higher priority in job openings.