Metro’s next Bicycle Roundtable scheduled for this Thursday, February 12

Photo by Metro.

Photo by Metro.

Bicyclists and others interested in hearing updates on a range of Metro bicycle initiatives within L.A. County are invited to participate in the agency’s next Bicycle Roundtable this Thursday, February 12.  Meeting details and and agenda are below:

Save the date! The next Bicycle Roundtable is scheduled for:

Thursday, February 12
6:00pm to 7:30pm
Metro Headquarters
One Gateway Plaza
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Draft agenda:

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Project updates
    • BikeShare
    • Bike Hubs
    • Bike Locker Program
    • Roundtable visibility on website
  • Bike Week
    • Rideshare staff
  • Complete Streets Policy
    • Policy update
  • New rail car design
    • Bike symbols on platform to indicate where to board with bike
  • Triple bike rack law
  • Bicycle education efforts
  • Q&A

6 replies

  1. bike riders want all the perks while riding in the street..yet they don’t follow the basic traffic want drivers to share the road, bike riders need to do just that share the road not hog it…

    • I don’t think share the road means what you think it means. Riding in the middle of the lane is the correct way to do it 99% of the time, its not hogging the road. Rest assured if a rider has the confidence to take the lane they most likely know a whole lot more about the CVC than you do.

    • I think it’s fair to also say that there are plenty of motorists who don’t follow basic traffic laws. Every time I walk, ride my bike or drive anywhere, I see motorists running red lights, speeding, blocking crosswalks, switching lanes without first signaling and texting or using handheld cell phones while driving. Is there room for improvement within the cycling community? Sure. Is there room for improvement in the motoring community? You bet.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source