Meet me on the Red Line

Well here we are again…

Valentine’s Day is this weekend, and at Metro, we’re prepping the transit-nerd way with a round-up of our favorite romantic moments on transit. Today’s picks are both classics, albeit in their own distinct ways.

First, you have to admire the cool confidence of Eve (played by Eva Marie Saint) as she puts the moves on Roger (Cary Grant), who seems to think he’s the seductive one in Hitchcock’s North by Northwest.

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If you’d never approach a potential love with the line “I know, I look vaguely familiar” or “It’s a nice face,” you might relate more to Judy Garland’s character in Meet Me in St. Louis, who just can’t act natural when the dude of her dreams catches up to her on the trolley.

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Whether you’re more Eve or Judy, have your own romantic moment on transit this Friday by participating in Speed Dating on the Red Line. Already got a Valentine? Check out our Destination Discounts page with Valentine’s picks for a fun date night that includes Metro! Today’s pick is the party date night: use your TAP card to get a free dessert at Nest at WP24 and then save on admission to the Brazilian Carnaval of Love!

Finally, if you have your own photos or stories of love on transit, share them with us this week by tagging #LoveMetroLA on Twitter or Instagram.

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