Service Alert: Blue Line experiencing delays of up to 20 minutes

UPDATE, 9:10 p.m.: Weekend maintenance on the Blue Line will be pushed back tonight until further notice as the police finish their investigation of this evening’s incident. Trains will run between downtown LA and Long Beach with up to 20 min delays, sharing one track between Vernon and Florence.

UPDATE, 8 p.m.: Delays have been reduced on the Blue Line to up to 20 minutes.

The Metro Blue Line is experiencing major delays due to a train-person incident that occurred at approximately 6:18 p.m. this evening.

Trains are currently sharing the Downtown L.A.-bound track between Vernon and Florence Stations.

This incident is currently under investigation.  Metro will provide updates on this incident as they become available.


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  1. Why don’t you include explanations of problems with service in your posts? I waited 50 minutes (from 12:34 to 1:24) for the 14 bus going west on Beverly today. Then three buses came in a row. This doesn’t make any sense. WHY???

    Harold Jacobs

    • Hi Harold,

      We provide as much information as possible without compromising responder safety, security or incident investigation. If you are referring to a separate incident involving buses, buses may be affected by traffic and maintenance issues. Please report any issues to

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source