Regional Connector Photo Gallery: Señor Fish Demolition in Little Tokyo

Yesterday, Metro Regional Connector construction crews officially demolished the Señor Fish Building at the corner of First and Alameda in Downtown L.A.’s Little Tokyo District to make room for a future underground rail station. Check out our photo gallery of the demolition site from various angles taken yesterday around sunset.

The nearly two-mile light rail connector project through Downtown extends from the Metro Gold Line Little Tokyo/Arts District Station to the 7th Street/Metro Center Station.  Scheduled for completion in 2020, the line will connect the Metro Blue, Gold and Expo Lines through Downtown L.A.

Interesting to note that some of the bricks from the Señor Fish restaurant will be preserved and incorporated into the plaza of the new Metro Regional Connector plaza as a tribute to the property’s significance in the history Los Angeles. Contractors will now separate the materials for recycling.  The metal will be recycled, and wood will be ground up and composted.

If you’re a fish taco lover, there’s another Senior Fish location at 1936 E 7th St, Los Angeles, CA 90021.  We’ve also seen signs at Second and Main Street for another Señor Fish location that may be coming soon.


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  1. “officially demolished” = high falutent reporter speak. How does that differ from “unofficially demolished”?

    On a side note:
    the various destination guides that are available, could copies of these be made available at the stations? Senior Fish was my go to for lunch in that area. A guide at the station or a map that has points of interest on the platform, would be most helpful.

  2. A good compromise is to bring back Senor Fish inside the new station once it’s built. Who says you can’t build a restaurant inside a train station? Union Station has it.

  3. I loved that Señor Fish. I loved those big windows where I could watch the gold line trains curve in and out of Little Tokyo station. Still, any place where you guys want to grade separate Metro, wether it be above or below ground, is fine by me.
    Glad there will be a subway station in the neighborhood with trains that will go to pasadena, Santa Monica, and Long Beach. Build a Red/Puple Line station in the arts district and I’ll be in transit heaven.