A few customer comments so far on the new TAP vending machine test screens

We posted yesterday that Metro is beginning a two-week test of new screen prompts on three TAP vending machines at Union Station.

Customers who used the machines were also given an opportunity to fill out a comment card. The reviews thus far are mostly positive. A sampling:

“Way easier…more welcoming, less intimidating.”

“I like it because now I know what [button] I’m pushing.”

“Simple, don’t like pressing twice for receipt.”

“Like the new bright bold colors, easier to figure out what to do.”

“Very happy that there was someone [from Metro] to assist with new TVMs.”

“Receipts are confusing.”

“The color gives the system a more modern look, but overall there isn’t much of a difference in regard to the easiness of reading.”

“It’s more colorful but looks like same steps. I like the progress bar. Kinda unclear what [button] refills monthly fare.”

“Adding other languages to the new system would be good.”

“The upgrade was just as easy if not easier than the old. I loved it.”

Metro will test the new prompts for two weeks to gather public input and determine if any changes are needed. If all goes well, Metro will then begin to install the updated screens on the 450 TAP vending machines throughout the Metro system.

If you’ve used the new screen prompts, please feel free to leave a comment here or tweet us using the hashtag #newscreens.

about the new screen prompts.


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  1. Some how the wrong video is now showing. The speed dating video is being shown instead of the TVM bideo.

    • Thanks for heads up. I think it’s fixed — the YouTube URLs and WordPress seem to be in some kind of disagreement 🙂

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. Back in October I was able to use a vending machine to buy a paper inter-agency transfer using stored value, but couldn’t find the functionality to buy a transfer and put it on TAP. Is this functionality available with the new screens?