What do traffic reporters think?


In the newest edition of the Emmy-award winning show, Metro Motion joins Los Angeles traffic reporters to witness what they see in dark and daylight. What’s the best day to drive? What’s the worst? What should we do to improve mobility? In another segment we get a lesson on the federal Highway Trust Fund and find out why it’s so important to all of us and just what might replace it, should it run out of gas. We also take the train to historic Grand Central Market in downtown L.A. to try out some of the new vendors that have joined the dining line-up. From the famous Santa Barbara ice cream shop McConnells to boutique cheese at DTLA to wood-fired pizza to eggs at a place with a name we shouldn’t say (but the eggs are delish!), Grand Central Market is better than ever. For these stories and more go to metro.net/metromotion. Metro Motion is co-produced with Santa Monica City TV.

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  1. Hint to Metro: TV viewership is steadily on the decline, especially among Millennials thanks to better alternatives called the internet.


    You’re better off creating a Metro Youtube channel like Pewdiepie, FPSRussia, or The FineBros if you want to get your message across to the younger, upcoming generation of Metro riders.