Reminder: bus service changes go into effect Sunday



Just a reminder: Some bus service changes are going into effect on Sunday.

The above flier offers a good overview of the changes.

Please click here to read more about the new Valley-Westside Express service between the San Fernando Valley and Westwood using the 405 carpool lanes as well as local streets.

And please click here to see the new maps and timetables for the bus lines listed above.

4 replies

  1. Several of the PDF’s on your website are missing half the trips on selected schedules. I noticed the problem with the 162/163 and 233 schedules, for example, so I’m sure it happens elsewhere too.

    • Hey David;

      I’ll let your website team know. Looks like the issue is on the weekend part of the timetables. Thanks for the heads up!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  2. The 207 PDF schedule does not match where the latter is closer to actual practice. For example, the schedule says the first four northbound 207s leaves Western and Manchester at 4:11, 4:29, 4:47 and 5:00. socaltransit says 4:13, 4:33, 4:53 and 5:12, which I find to be truer than the PDF schedule. I’ve also noticed that the Effective date is multiple overlays over several effective dates, one appearing to be from 2009? Is it possible to fix that?