New crowdsourcing map: help build bike share in Los Angeles County!

A screen grab of the new crowdsourcing bike share map. Please click above to view and interact with the real map.

A screen grab of the new crowdsourcing bike share map. Please click above to view and interact with the real map.

Metro needs your help!

As Metro considers the long-term potential for a countywide bike share program, the agency’s bike team is again asking for your input: Click here to visit a crowdsourcing map where you can let us know where you would like to see bike sharing in the future.

The map shows communities that Metro has already identified as “bike share ready” — in other words, places with adequate population and job density, favorable topography (i.e. not too hilly), bike infrastructure, community support and possible funding availability.

Please note that one comment per community can be submitted at a time; if you would like to select multiple areas, please submit multiple comments. Suggestions will be accepted through December 22.

Some background: Metro is leading a countywide effort to develop a bike share system to help riders get around — and, in particular, get to and from transit stations. Here’s a Metro staff report from earlier this year that provides an overview of Metro’s bike share efforts.

Here’s how bike share typically works: a fleet of bicycles is parked at several rental stations in a city or area. Individuals can then rent the bikes and return them later at any of the bike rental stations, making it easy to use a bike to get from Point A to Point B. Many bike share systems offer subscriptions that make the first 30 to 45 minutes of use very inexpensive, encouraging people to use the bikes for transportation and allowing each bike to serve several users each day.

Final bike share station locations will be determined by Metro, local officials and a bike share operator to be selected by Metro with the first phase of the project planned to open in 2016 at locations in downtown Los Angeles. The cities of Long Beach and Santa Monica — as many of you know — are also pursuing their own bike share programs but Metro is working with both cities so that their bike share programs will be compatible with Metro’s program.

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  1. Hello Metrolink,

    This is a good idea in an effort to remove cars off the road and encourage more bicycle use around the county. I commend you on the proposal. Although, I would like to understand in light of this ambitious and quite costly measure why there cannot exist a dedicated bicycle car on every Metrolink / Metro train to encourage bicycle commuting — blended commuting? A certain portion of the population would enjoy having use of their own bicycles and at the same time be relieved of the cost of renting a bicycle. I would encourage the Metrolink Association to implement an ‘intermediate step’ to your proposed ‘bikeshare’ program and include a dedicated bicycle are on every train in the county. Thank you for sharing this ambitious proposal and opening the floor for discussion. Have a wonderful Day.


    J. Mike Kaiser

  2. Clicking over to the site it says that: “Input will be accepted through December 19.” This post says: “Suggestions will be accepted through December 22.”

    Which is correct?