Upcoming Service Advisory: Stormy weather on the horizon


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The National Weather Service has indicated we may soon experience heavy rain here in the Southland beginning tomorrow through Thursday. Current forecasts predict one to two inches of precipitation in downtown L.A. and up to four inches in outlying areas. If the storm plays out as expected, it will be the largest since last February’s three-day downpour.

Let’s admit it, we Angeleno’s are a bit baffled by inclement weather, even if we originally hail from colder regions. That’s why Metro would like to remind bus and rail customers of the following information about riding during stormy weather…

For starters, never run for buses or trains. A slip-and-fall can result in injuries to you and those around you. Where possible, make use of handrails and handholds for extra safety on escalators, stairs, and aboard buses and trains.

Customers riding the Blue, Expo, Green, and Gold Lines during rainy weather may note that their train doors do not open automatically. Trains may be operating in “passenger door release mode,” which means customers wishing to board or exit the train must press the illuminated, green buttons adjacent to the doors in order for the doors to open. The buttons can be found on both the interior and exterior of the train doors, and will only release the doors when lit up. “Passenger door release mode” helps minimize the intrusion of weather elements on board, improving customer comfort.

Speaking of customer comfort, please keep umbrellas and other wet items off of seats as a courtesy to fellow riders.

Finally, please allow more time than usual to complete your trip during foul weather. Slippery conditions and reduced visibility tend to slow traffic, which in turn affects travel time for our buses and street-running trains. Metro personnel will be on standby to resolve any potential issues that may arise due to the storm. Preventative measures taken by Metro’s Facilities Maintenance department include ensuring storm drains and surrounding areas are clean and free of debris and placing floor mats near the entrances of Red and Purple Line stations. But downed trees and power outages are just a two examples of weather-related incidents outside of Metro’s control that may result in delays to service.

To keep tabs on any changes in service, follow @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts for the latest updates on our buses and trains. We hope everyone enjoys the brief break from the heat, and above all, wish a safe trip to those traveling in the rain.

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  1. It should be added. Sometimes streets will be closed due to flooding or other storm related incidents .Therefore buses will be re-routed. If passengers observe barricades in the street or traffic being diverted don’t expect buses to pass their location. Signs will be posted ASAP but realize that takes time and manpower will be utilized according to priorities.