Crenshaw Boulevard closure to be extended two days


A street closure on Crenshaw Boulevard between Jefferson Boulevard and Coliseum Street – originally scheduled to reopen at 6 a.m. Monday, Nov. 24 — is being extended two days to 6 a.m. Wednesday, Nov. 26, to allow for completion of ‘pin pile’ work that will help secure the foundation excavation of the Crenshaw/Expo underground station, now under construction for the Crenshaw/LAX Line.

Crenshaw Boulevard will be open, as previously scheduled, over the long Thanksgiving weekend.

Work and the street closure for this important project will resume on Monday, Dec. 1 and continue until Dec. 14.

More details on the construction process are available in this release and on the above map.

3 replies

  1. Hollywood was a mess. Building subways and underground tunnels is messy.

  2. Construction’s a real bitch, isn’t it? Sure, while the work commences, it can be real hell, but when completed, it is just absolutely beautiful! By the way, how would anyone know what the conditions will be like once the Purple Line undergoes the same activity? Westwood, Hollywood, or mid-Wilshire just might be worse, it might not be. Who really knows? And about a closure in Hollywood—-remember the Barnsdall Sinkhole? Hollywood Blvd. was closed for quite some time while the tunnel was under repair.

  3. I know — and the MTA knows — that there is no way on earth that you would ever have had a closure in Westwood, Hollywood, or mid-Wilshire that would be as extensive and disruptive as the November and December closures on Crenshaw Blvd. There appears to be an opinion at MTA that the Crenshaw neighborhood will tolerate any amount of disruption and that we should somehow be grateful that we get any form of transit.

    The Rodeo station could have easily been constructed under the demolished site of the former Ralph’s market on the southeast corner of Rodeo and Crenshaw, without affecting the Crenshaw roadway, with the surface real-estate then sold for development once the station was completed.

    It’s my understanding that after this mess is completed at Rodeo and Crenshaw you will be doing the Leimert station in an equally disruptive way. Then, of course, once the construction proceeds at the street level down Crenshaw south of 48th, that area will be in chaos for more years. .