Service Advisory: third of four planned Metro Blue Line weekend closures set for this Friday

map-blue-lineThe Metro Blue Line will experience a series of weekend closures affecting all stations south of Willow Street Station.  Subsequent closures are scheduled for Dec. 5th to 7th.

A free bus shuttle will run between downtown Long Beach and the Blue Line and will serve all stations when they are closed.

There will be regular Blue Line service to all stations on weekdays and over Thanksgiving weekend.

From Friday through Sunday: from 9 p.m. until close of service, the bus shuttles will begin at the Willow Street Station and will service the Willow Street, Pacific Coast Highway, Anaheim Street, 5th Street, 1st Street, Downtown Long Beach and Pacific Avenue stations.

The closures are part of the Blue Line Upgrades project, a $1.2-billion overhaul including station improvements, track replacement/refurbishment, and even, eventually, new rail cars. Some of the upgrades have already been completed and many others, including major track work, are now underway. During the above weekends, crews will be working at Anaheim Street and PCH Station.

A few things to keep in mind:

  • Long Beach Boulevard will remain open throughout downtown Long Beach with no service disruptions or alternate routes required.
  • Please be vigilant and cautious when driving or walking through construction zones.
  • Check the Blue Line Upgrades page for rail alerts or follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts to get service advisories.

And finally, Metro realizes that dealing with this kind of service disruption can be a headache. We would like to thank all Blue Line customers for their patience as we undertake this essential improvement work — the end goal of which is more reliable Blue Line service.

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  1. okay that is great and awesome but when will the other stations along the blue line route recieve updates as well especially the 103rd/watts tower station and the firestone station and the Florence station………and when will the Florence and firestone and 103rd streets receive or be able to get either new buses and especially the double buses to help with the serious over crowding on those lines during all times of the day or night,and is there a way of putting a bus line that twill run along alameda street from long beach or further south to downtown los angeles or union station and/or further north bound,and when will the blueline receive new trains,and is there a way of color coding the trains and buses such as the blue line having either blue stripes or some blue on it and the same with the green line having some green stripes or some green trim and color coding all other lines and painting all the other regular buses another color that both the people can maybe vote on maybe the original color such as the old school rtd colors the yellow gold color with the grey or another color,and will there ever be and extention of the blue line north of trade tech college or east of 7th street station or both and or a extention of the green line from Norwalk to the Norwalk metro link station or any other directions from the Norwalk green line station,and is there a way of bringing some stairs and or a elevator to the north side of the firestone station so that people who are wanting to catch the westbound 115 firestone bus can stop risking there lives day or night running in front of east bound and west bound traffic to try and catch the westbound 115 firestone buses and I wanted metro to know of a place for sale which is the old firestone tire plant on firestone blvd between alameda and santa fe street that they can buy and turn into a new bus terminal or a new bus division station and store buses and bring new jobs to the community of Florence firestone and south gate and other neighboring communities as well and is there also way of bring a dash bus or another metro bus or both that can help service the firestone blue line station along with the 115 bus line

    • Hi,

      Sorry for the confusion. The bus shuttles will be running from Willow Street Station during the majority of the closure. There will be certain times at night when the bus shuttles will be extended to Wardlow Station. Hope that helps.

      Thank you,

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source

  2. What a joke. I had seen the completed refurbished blue stations. Okay the stations got painted silver and a few lights were added. WOW! I would have liked to see the old benches without having back support to become completely replaced. The exit to the street on 1st street and downtown long beach never got upgrade. Just yesterday, a lady almost got hit by a blue line train off 1st street exit because she was standing close to the train even though she was in the wait here sign. What a waist of time with these “upgrades>”

  3. Thanks Lily. Any idea as to when the Red/Purple Line nightly upgrades will be completed? It’s difficult to plan any subway use around those regular post-8:30pm 20-minute headways.

    • Hi Luke,

      At this time, we don’t have a confirmed end date. Staff is discussing options for maintenance scheduling though, and please write in to so we can continue to log any issues. We’ll update as soon as we get solid info.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source (who totally feels your pain on the nighttime subway headways)