New train testing on Green Line to begin this Sunday night

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Metro will perform a three-day clearance test along the Green Line starting Sunday evening, November 9, after 9 p.m. for the new P-3010 pilot rail car, manufactured by Kinkisharyo.

The test will result in intermittent minor delays to late-night Green Line service, as some trips will share 1 track while train testing is performed on the other track. Testing is necessary to ensure compatibility with existing train control and signaling systems as well as safe clearance through all station platforms.

To minimize delays, the testing area has been divided into multiple sections and the Rail Operations Control Center is prepared to periodically suspend testing to accommodate in-service trains and maintain on-time performance.

While this test is being performed on the Green Line, the new trains will eventually be deployed on other Metro Rail lines (including the Expo and Gold Line Extensions) for passenger service.

4 replies

  1. Just paint all the old cars in this new color scheme. If people still get hit ALOHA!!

  2. I would hope that Metro would deploy these high visibility cars on the Blue Line, which travels through neighborhoods filled with more Clueless drivers than county average.

    • It’s probably because the Green Line has no railroad crossings, and the trains could probably get up and beyond 60mph. Plus, it has the lowest ridership in comparison to the other rail lines, because it doesn’t go downtown, and it doesn’t directly go to LAX.