Civilians shovel some ceremonial dirt for the Purple Line Extension


Nice to see some civilians taking a turn at the shovels for a major public works project — in this case our friends at Los Angeles Magazine who work just down the street from the Purple Line Extension’s future Wilshire/Fairfax Station. They wandered over to LACMA this morning for this photo op, which we were more than happy to provide. Magazine staff will have a front row seat as construction proceeds the next few years.

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  1. That is sand (with a bit of rock contamination), not ‘dirt’. There is a difference.

    • Hi Just a Person/Anonymous Reader;

      Thank you for taking the time to enlighten the comment board. Have a great weekend,

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

      • LOL Steve! I almost spit the beer I was drinking all over my keyboard. Best comment of the day!

    • Actually, to the best of my knowledge, ‘dirt’ is a vernacular term without any definition. ‘Soil’ on the other hand is defined as a combination of gravel, sand, silt & clay. The three smallest particles (each of which is defined by particle size (All three must pass through a #10 screen (meaning 10 holes per inch).) Based on the ratio’s of each of these three components, we can then then classify the cohesiveness of the soil into Class A, B or C based on the Cal & Fed OSHA definitions and the names from the linked chart. For more details you can see:

      To be very precise, the soil used at the Groundbreaking (although I did not do a definitive test, was most likely a “Loamy Sand” or “Sandy Loam” from what it looked like to me and the classification triangle found at the link above.

  2. When will the blue line get a extension or. When will the green line get a extension from Norwalk and when will the 115 Manchester/firestorm bus be getting double buses to help with overcrowding or will they be able to bring the rapid bus for the 115 bus to help with the over crowding and will there ‘ve a bus or rail or both that could service alameda street from long beach to downtown or to union station or further