Your Friday Send-off: Jimmy Eat World – 23

Jimmy Eat World’s 10 year anniversary tour for Futures hits downtown Los Angeles this Sunday…the album came out when I was in college, which probably gives you an idea of how old I am. If you’re heading to the concert at Club Nokia, consider going Metro–I am!

Take the Red or Purple Line to 7th Street/Metro Center and walk a few blocks south on Figueroa Street. You might be surprised at how much nicer the walk is now compared to even just one year ago. (Figat7th has a lot to do with this.) For those who want to walk less, take the Blue or Expo Line to Pico Station. The Silver Line also stops near LA LIVE on Figueroa and Flower.

Here’s one of my favorite songs from Futures to get you ready for the weekend. As always, if enjoying music on bus or train, please remember to use your headphones. And if you want to tell me what I “should” be listening to, let me know in the comments or tweet me at @metrolosangeles!

P.S. Bonus track after the jump. The guitar riffs in 23 are great, but the lyrics in Kill still get me every time.

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  1. Here’s a variety of 10 musical performances on Youtube that are worth a listen:

    Seasick Steve and Tom Jones “You gotta Move” (Seasick Steve is playing a junk guitar that only has three strings)

    Seasick Steve on the TV show Later with Jools Holland (UK show where he was originally discovered in 2007) “I started out with nothin”

    It’s amusing just to see the variety of junk guitars (many he made himself) he plays in different shows on Youtube and listen to him make great sounding music out of all of them.

    Cream reunion 2005 (three fantastic musicians–Ginger Baker, Eric Clapton, Jack Bruce–who recently died) “We’re going wrong”

    AKNU on X Factor USA singing Valerie (Have to see the dancing to fully appreciate)

    Sam Bailey (X Factor UK winner 2013) arena audition “Who’s loving you”
    (She sings everything brilliantly on the show, from Beyoncé to a Frank Sinatra song)

    Alice Fredenham audition singing “My funny Valentine” on Britain’s Got Talent

    Robbie Kennedy auditioning on Britain’s Got Talent singing “Iris”

    Rodriguez on David Letterman singing “Crucify your mind”

    Edward Reid auditioning on Britain’s Got Talent singing nursery rhymes

    6 year old Connie Talbert singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow on Britain’s Got Talent

  2. Thanks for the posting Ana. I’m an operator out of division 10 and I absolutely love jew and the futures album. One of my top albums to listen to. Great article. Listen to ‘ok go’ if you haven’t already.

    • Thanks David! I know a few OK Go songs, but their newest music video is definitely pretty cool.

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source