Your Friday Send-off: Taylor Swift – Out of the Woods

After having Shake It Off shoved in my face from every corner of the TV, radio and internet, I was ready to write-off Taylor Swift’s upcoming new album. The single is catchy, but pedestrian. However, if Out of the Woods is the song that is supposed to embody the spirit of the album, I might give it a chance after all. (Although I can’t say I like Welcome to New York much either…but I could just be biased against songs about NYC. L.A. all the way!)

If enjoying music on bus or train, please remember to use your headphones. And if you want to tell me what I “should” be listening to, let me know in the comments or tweet me at @metrolosangeles!

5 replies

  1. This is NOT what I would call Country Music!! This album stinks! This is a disgrase to Country Music!

  2. love this song! thanks for introducing Taylor’s pop crossover song. I somehow don’t mind loud stereo music on the trains, when it’s tasteful and great music. Just can’t stand the gangster music with foul language some people play for everyone to listen to. i’ve been tempted to report them on the Transit Watch app, which speaking of, isn’t playing loud music on the train a fineable offense?

    • Hi Jose,

      Whether rap, classical, country or EDM, all loud music must be listened to with headphones while on bus or train, and if you encounter it, you should definitely report using Transit Watch app!

      Anna Chen
      Writer, The Source