A Better Blue Line: last week of work during Long Beach Loop closure

Work on the Metro Blue Line tracks along 1st Street in downtown Long Beach is starting to wrap up, and as you can see in the photos below just the finishing touches are left to be done on the stations. Metro would like to thank everyone for their patience this past month while the upgrades were completed.

The Long Beach Loop will reopen for the Blue with the start of service on Monday, October 20. However, expect upcoming weekend closures as work on the Blue Line progresses north. We will have more details posted on Monday.

6 replies

  1. If they can redo FOUR stations on the Blu Line ina month or so why cant Metro fix the switching/signal PROBLEMS on the Green Line that have been going on now well OVER A YEAR!!!! So TIRED of the delays & missing the connections at Harbor Fwy station!

  2. Those Canopies are just awful looking. What happened to the unified look metro is planning on bringing to all its lines. They look like terrible overly done pieces of arts.

  3. Now that’s what I call a “Better Blue Line.” Great work and many thanks to those who have been working on this project for the past month. I look forward to seeing further improvements to the line. I believe that many would agree that the communities living along the Blue Line deserve to see their train line get an upgrade.