A Better Blue Line: we're in the home stretch, folks

Work on the four downtown Long Beach Blue Line stations and the tracks along 1st Street is nearing completion. Below are some photos from the work done during week 3 of the closure. The Long Beach Loop is scheduled to be reopened with the start of service on Monday, October 20.

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7 replies

  1. I hope there are more methods of keeping fare hoppers out and overall sketchy people. Sucks to ride this train to work with the scumbags that don’t purchase tickets *and* leave trash in train *and* try to intimidate people. I hope the Metro can step up and provide a safer and more pleasant in-car experience for its customers.

  2. Is Metro going to remodel any other of the Blue Line stations?? A lot of the Blue Line needs more canopys. The platforms are not well shaded and patrons and myself (Security Assistant) have to stand in the sun for hours.

    • Hi Teresa;

      Yes, new canopies are part of the Blue Line overhaul. More information on the project can be found by clicking here. Hope that helps!

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source

  3. Interesting difference noted between Long Beach and Santa Monica street trackage. The former looks to have removable panels next to the rails while the latters new tracks appear to be cast into a slab (future obscenely large bill to replace the rails?). Anyone know why the difference?

  4. have there every been discussions about updating the path alongside the street at the wardlow blue line station. The vast majority of us park on the street and have to trek through the dirt path to the station and even more jaywalk to get to the station. I’m sure this is city property and doesn’t fall into what MTA covers, but it would be nice to not get dirty or fear i’m going to be mugged walking back to my car.

    • Hi Len;

      Metro officials say they will take a look at increasing off-street parking although they can’t directly do anything the sidewalks.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source