Look awesome in a Metro Beanie when the cold weather finally gets here

It’s still fairly mild out, but temperatures will really dip any day now…and when they do, you’ll want a Metro Beanie so you can look good while keeping your head warm.


The Metro Beanie is available now at the online Metro Store for $9.65.

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  1. As always, there’s also an additional shipping and handling fee of $11.61 for FedEx Ground, $16.27 for FedEx 2 day, and $25.91 for FedEx Overnight. And there are no other options like sending it out via USPS, free shipping after $35 in purchases like Amazon.com, or a free “store pick up” option like at the Metro Customer Service Center.

    Precisely how long did Metro made the contract with globalfulfillment.net?

    • At least if you order a bunch of stuff, the shipping starts going up by weight. For fun, I put a beanie, a shirt, a mug, a tile, notecards, and a book in a cart and see that the shipping would only be $14.91 on an order of $63 + tax. Maybe someone could take orders, do one master order, then ship things out cheaply and split the cost of the intial shipping. Set it up on ebay or craigslist. Do a big purchase once every 2 or 3 weeks.

  2. The Metro Store also quietly removed the inventory count remaining for each item. Shrewed move; perhaps they didn’t like the taxpayers knowing that the products weren’t selling and was just collecting dust at the warehouse.

  3. Does Metro ever come on-site to Union Station, Gateway, or the divisions to sell merchandise?