Why You Share the Ride: riding the rails means a little time to exercise

During Rideshare Week, we’ll be featuring stories submitted by real commuters talking about why they share the ride. Join the conversation and let us know why you share the ride! Tweet us @metrolosangeles using the hashtag #RideshareLA. And don’t forget to pledge online for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

The following rideshare story comes to us from Windy Smith, who commutes via the Metro Gold Line and Metro Red Line.

Me  G Metro photo“Well for starters, I now ride Metro Rail! I began riding on June 23, 2014 and I absolutely LOVE IT! It helps me and my family a GREAT DEAL. I am a single parent and riding the metro saves me money on gas, parking, wear and tear on my vehicle and travel time–especially in traffic. Some of the activities I do while commuting are reading and listening to my music in peace, which I am unable to do if I am driving my car.

Another reason why I enjoy using Metro is because it’s very convenient. The Gold Line station is one block from my home and it takes me to Union Station where I board the Red Line. The subway drops me off directly behind my place of employment–I couldn’t ask for anything better. Also, with my busy schedule I hardly get the chance to exercise regularly, but I must say I am able to get my daily walk during my commute to and from work by riding Metro. I am very happy with this switch and I recommend that everyone GO METRO! Thank You.”

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  1. Metro really needs to expand down to the Harbor area. Cities like Wilmington, San Pedro and Lomita would greatly benefit from metro rail. Before the red cars were torn out, our streets were criss-crossed with tracks that would go all over LA. Please metro, if by branching off from the blue line or extending the Green line, come back to the Harbor and the South Bay!