Why You Share the Ride: biking and bus riding for an express commute

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The following rideshare story comes to us from Tony Gaimari, who commutes from Culver City to downtown Los Angeles.

Tony_Gaimari (2)“I live in Culver City and began working in downtown L.A. three years ago. My employer provides a $125 monthly stipend to be put towards parking or transit costs. I discovered the Commuter Express shortly after taking the job and bought monthly passes for the first year. Nice buses and pleasant drivers make it an easy way to get back and forth from Culver City to DTLA.

When summer arrived, I decided to try using my bike to get home, allowing me to cut down to the 20-ticket books for the Commuter Express and get some exercise. I was concerned about riding in because there is no shower facility in my office.

For the last two years, however, I have been biking in both directions. I am lucky enough to have the Ballona Creek Bike Path for the first 3 miles of my 11.7-mile ride, then I take the Jefferson/Exposition bike lanes following the Metro Expo Line. A short street jog through the USC area to Grand Avenue and I’m back in bike lanes from 30th Street almost all the way to my office at 5th Street.

I have found that as long as I put on clean clothes after a shower in the morning, a quick “G.I. shower” with baby wipes and towel in the men’s room followed by deodorant and talc is sufficient hygiene for someone who shares an office.

I keep my TAP card loaded in case I decide to jump on the Expo Line, and I still have a TAP card for the Commuter Express which I reload every few months for my “lazy Friday afternoon” home trip. But I love that every time I ride, I’m putting money in my pocket and keeping inches off my waist line!

Keep up the good work encouraging and facilitating ways to get around without a car, and keep adding more bike lanes.”