Why You Share the Ride: vanpooling for health

During Rideshare Week, we’ll be featuring stories submitted by real commuters talking about why they share the ride. Join the conversation and let us know why you share the ride! Tweet us @metrolosangeles using the hashtag #RideshareLA. And don’t forget to pledge online for a chance to win some awesome prizes.

The following rideshare story comes to us from Twanya Betancourt, who commutes from Long Beach to Santa Monica every day.

Twanya r

Twanya Betancourt is also a Diamond Award winner for her efforts in ridesharing!

“I share the ride in order to increase my physical health and mental well being. Sitting in traffic and driving alone every day for a total of three hours a day adds stress and wear and tear on your body in addition to your vehicle. By vanpooling, I only have to drive the commuter van one day per week, leaving the rest of the time free for me to rest, read, or chat with the vanpool group. What we have created is a commuter community through rideshare. We exchange ideas, stories, reviews on restaurants, and anything else that anyone feels the need to share. Getting a group of 6 different personalities in different fields of work in a van for three hours leads to very interesting conversations. Three hours feels more like 30 minutes. I am very passionate about sharing my story with other commuters to let them know that there are many other benefits besides saving money on gas and wear and tear on your vehicle. The increase in the quality of life is the most important benefit of ridesharing in my opinion.”

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  1. lol, 3 hours from long beach to santa monica – clearly super efficient system you have set up there @MetroLosAngeles. Why don’t you stop the crony capitalism and let companies like Sidecar Uber and Lyft actually do a good job @ building a successful ridesharing program?