A Better Blue Line: canopy installation and other work from week two

Work at the four downtown Long Beach Blue Line stations is coming along nicely. Everything is on schedule and the Long Beach Loop is still set to reopen on October 19.

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7 replies

  1. There is no excuse for an “unsafe” travel experience on METRO whether real or perceived. However, canopies at all rail and bus stops are needed too. It is inhumane and bad business to expect customer/citizens to stand shelterless in 100+ degree heat and the rarer but torrential downpours. Why not use some of the proposed $5-$30 Billion METRO is willing to spend on a proposed 710-toll tunnel–protecting the patrons METRO already has? I guess sheltered bus/rail stops are just not as “sexy” as a billion dollar tunnel to Alhambra.

  2. Money could have probably been better spent patrolling this chronically crime plagued line. To ride the blue line is to take your life in your hands.

    • It does pass through some rough neighborhoods! I know exactly what you mean, Commuting from Long Beach to Downtown LA is only safe during Rush hour times when all the workers from Downtown and Long Beach are commuting.. Even then you have some “ghetto” people.

    • Sheriff Dept. regularly checks TAP cards on the morning commute from DTLB to 7th/Metro. Rarely do they show up on the late afternoon trains from 7th/Metro back to DTLB. This lack of security in the afternoons contributes a lot to the unsafe conditions we all experience daily on our trip back home to Long Beach. The closer to LB the train gets, the less safe I feel.

      I recently bought some pepper spray to carry on my afternoon commute home from 7th/Metro to DTLB. I credit the Sheriff Dept. for making me have to do that in order to feel slightly safer.

      • Cant help the fact that Watts, Compton and South Central are what they are.