A Better Blue Line: 30-day closure of four DTLB Blue Line Stations start next week

Anaheim to DTLB Closure

The 30-day closure of four downtown Long Beach Blue Line stations is set to start Saturday, September 20. During that time, bus shuttles will replace train service at Downtown Long Beach Station, Pacific Street Station, 1st Street Station and 5th Street Station. Above is the route map showing where the buses will stop.

Customers will be able to ride the bus shuttles from Anaheim Street Station to the four stations listed above at no charge. Shuttles will run at the same Blue Line service levels and will be scheduled to meet trains for transfers. At Anaheim Street Station, regular train service will continue northward to Los Angeles.

Buses in Long Beach will be detouring off 1st Street to Ocean Avenue during the closure. First Street will be closed from Long Beach Boulevard to Pacific Avenue during construction. Pedestrian and bicycle access on 1st Street will remain open.

We will continue to update The Source with more information on the project as it progresses. You can also check the Blue Line Upgrades page for rail alerts or follow Metro on Twitter @metrolosangeles or @metrolaalerts to get service advisories.

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5 replies

  1. Besides new cameras, what type of security enhancements is the blue line getting? I ride from 1st St. to 7th/Metro every workday (and back) and am well aware of the countless passenger violations that occur daily, especially on the afternoon ride home. Should I and other daily commuters expect to see any improvements?

  2. I catch the train at the 5th. street station and take the loop back to L.A. will the shuttle do the same or will it go southbound up Long Beach Ave. to Anaheim Station1~ Mike Johnson

    • Hi Michael;

      I believe the buses are operating in a clockwise direction around the loop. In other words, southbound down Long Beach, around the loop and on to Anaheim Station. See how it goes and adjust accordingly.

      Steve Hymon
      Editor, The Source